Leslie Calderwood

Leslie Calderwood, a Civil Engineer graduate from the University of Utah, has eight years of engineering experience involving signal design and QC/QA oversight. She has worked on many traffic signals throughout the State of Utah. Currently, Leslie oversees the warrant process for UDOT Traffic & Safety. This process includes many different elements from concept of the study to full construction for each type of traffic study. Specific duties include reviewing the studies, coordinating with the Traffic Operations Engineers in each of the regions, and tracking each study until it is completed. Types of traffic studies include: traffic signal, left turn phasing, pedestrian, speed and various types of signing studies. On the locations that are warranted a field review meeting is scheduled, minutes are prepared at the meeting so that the final warrant memo can be prepared and sent to the Region Directors.

Leslie is proficient in access coordination for site development. She worked in many surrounding states coordinating site plans with various representatives of State, County, and City governments. Leslie’s friendly outgoing personality and take-charge attitude makes obtaining access permits with Cities and States seamless. She obtains traffic requirements from Region, District, and State Traffic Engineers and completes the corresponding approach applications. In addition, she communicates with City and County engineers and/or Planning Departments to acquire building permits, meet building codes, confirm zoning issue resolutions, determine land-use permit and boundary relocation requirements, obtain impact fee schedules, and coordinate conditional-use permits and public hearings. Leslie plays an important part of keeping projects on schedule.

Leslie loves vacationing with her family. Whether by truck/trailer, hotel, or cruise ship; she enjoys laughing with her kids and exploring new places.

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