Kent Thurston, Project Manager

Kent has recently joined O’Neill & Company to lead and manage our integration and maintenance field division.   He has 16 years experience in the electrical field that includes Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Traffic Signals. Kent has worked for construction companies and UDOT which makes him a valuable team member as he knows both sides of a project; design and construction.  He understands what it takes to get a system up and running for the end user and how to manage and maintain their valuable equipment remotely.  Kent understands maintenance and troubleshooting for both the Traffic Signal and ITS systems. He understands the inner workings of a traffic signal and has had formal training from Wavetronix.  For the past 7 years, Kent was responsible for the maintenance and field operations of the UDOT Express Lanes, and is recognized nationally for his expertise in setting up and maintaining this system.  From there his expertise grew to the Traffic Management Systems (TMS) and Ramp Meter maintenance and he became knowledgeable in maintenance, setup and minor operations of all devices.

Kent is a licensed Apprentice Electrician and has his IMSA Field 3, IMSA Bench 2, IMSA FIber Optics 2, IMSA Street Lighting 2, and Work Zone Safety certificates.

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